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Software Developer

About Me

I'm a passionate developer and a hard-working problem solver.

I love games and anything tech.

22+ years of professional experience in Software Development, including co-founding my own Software Company, working as a Freelancer, in the Games Industry and building Enterprise Software. The Apps I developed or contributed to reached 60+ million people so far.

In 2015 I joined the Demoscene crew K2 and take part in competitions with them, mainly building 4K (4096 bytes) Executable Intros on Windows.

I also build custom controllable LED masks, have a great interest in electronic art and just got started with building VR experiences.

4k Intro R0bbensuppe by K2

4K Executable Intro "R0bbensuppe" by K2

My Services

Game Development

Gameplay, Engine & Tools Development with most experience on Mobile.

I have worked with Unity as well as custom engines & bring a lot of experience with cross-platform development.

App Development

Native Android, iOS, macOS & Windows Development.

Cross-Platform Development with Flutter, Qt and Kotlin Multiplatform.

Software Consulting

I can also support with Architecture Design or porting that old piece of Legacy Software nobody understands anymore.

My Works & Contributions

Architecture & Product Development

Architecture & macOS Development

Android & iOS Development

Android & iOS Development

Android Development

Unity & Android Development

Windows Port & Development Support

Windows Port & Unity Development

Windows Port & Android Support

Windows Port & Android Development

Asset Optimization & iOS Release

Asset Optimization & iOS Release

Skills & Tools

Kotlin / Java
Swift / Obj-C
C# / C++
Lua / Python
Android Studio
Visual Studio

Recent Work Experience

Co-Founder - Technology


January 2021 - Current
Full-Time, Part-Time
Software Developer


April 2018 - Current
Full-Time, Part-Time
Game Developer & Software Architect


April 2012 - March 2018

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