Timo Boll - Tech Consultant & Freelance Software Developer

Timo Boll - Tech Consultant & Freelance Software Developer

Mobile | Client-Server | Cross-Platform | Tech Enthusiast
My name is Timo Boll.
I'm a passionate developer and a hard working problem solver.
I love games and anything tech.
Since 2015 I'm in the humble beginnings of becoming an active member of the demoscene as part of the fantastic group K2.

I mostly specialize in mobile development these days, but am always looking for interesting projects in other spaces.
I have more than 16 years professional experience in Software Development,
including 6 years in the Games Industry and over 9 years of building Enterprise Software.

Past experiences include Game Client & Server Development, Game Engine Development, iOS & Android Development, Scripting Integration and Extensions, proprietary tech for Software Automation, customizable Enterprise Web Portals.

If you are in search of a dedicated, passionate freelance developer or need down-to-earth tech consultancy, you’re in the right place.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help!

iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux, Git, Github, Gitlab, Teamcity, Jenkins, JetBrains Tools, AWS.
C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, Swift, Lua, Python, PHP, Unity, OpenGL, .NET Core, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, HTTP, TCP, UDP.


Chrono24 iOS App

  • App Architecture Consulting
  • Development Consulting
  • Development Support

Engineering Company – Berlin, Germany

  • Development consulting & data model normalization

Startup – Heidelberg, Germany

  • Development of and consulting for cross-platform Unity SDK for undisclosed product

TreasureHunt Studios – Berlin, Germany

  • Analytics, Video Ads, Customer Support SDK Integration & Development
  • A/B Test SDK Integration & Development & Process Consulting
  • Platform-specific Development Support

Kopla Games

  • Unity Android Consulting & Development Support
  • Android Optimisations & Release Preparations
  • GameCenter and Google Play Games Integration

TreasureHunt Studios – Berlin, Germany

  • Android Hotfix support
  • Android SDK Integration Support & Development

Media Agency – Böblingen, Germany

  • iOS Publishing Workshop
  • Unity iOS Release Workflow Consulting

Chrono24 Android App

  • App Architecture Consulting
  • Development Consulting
  • Development Support

HTML5 Playable Ad for Crafting Idle Clicker

  • Plain HTML5 Playable Ad based on existing assets
  • Simplified gameplay & Ad logic implementation
  • Asset size optimizations & deployment support scripts

Starting my freelancing adventures


Nonstop KnightWindows 10 UWP Port

  • Unity project developed by Kopla
  • Custom built C# / C++ Store API extension
  • Custom built C# / C++ Vungle SDK extension
  • User input handling for Desktop
  • Support for dynamic/windowed resolutions
  • Visual & performance tweaks for target platform

Initiation & design of a proprietary Publishing SDK

  • Process & API standardization for Third-Party SDKs
  • Unified plugin architecture for iOS/Android
  • Designed to be easily bound from other languages/runtimes

Tech support and feature development for several Games published by Flaregames

  • Client/Server communication design & consulting
  • Platform-specific & TRC-related feature development & consulting
  • Custom Unity plugins & build pipeline extensions

Joined Flaregames

Senior Developer

  • Worked on 4 in-house titles
  • Worked with several studios published by flaregames
  • Technical consulting & development support (Publishing)

Joined Geyer & Weinig

Junior/Senior/Lead Developer, Architect

  • Proprietary Service Level Management Software INFRA-XS
  • Windows Application, Network and Web Monitoring solutions
  • J2EE Services and Web Portals as part of INFRA-XS
  • Consulting and development services