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Freelance Software Developer

About Me

I'm a passionate developer, hard-working problem solver and servant leader.

I love games and anything tech.

23+ years of professional experience, which includes working in the Games Industry, building Enterprise Software and co-founding my own Software Company. The applications and services I developed or contributed to, reached more than 60 million people so far.

In 2015 I joined the Demoscene crew K2 and take part in competitions with them, mainly building 4K (4096 bytes) Executable Intros on Windows.

I also build custom controllable LED masks, have a great interest in electronic art and try to take part in game jams regularly.

4k Intro R0bbensuppe by K2

4K Executable Intro "R0bbensuppe" by K2

My Services

Game Development

Gameplay, Engine & Tools Development with most experience on Mobile.

I have worked with Unity as well as custom engines & bring a lot of experience with cross-platform development.

App Development

Native Android, iOS, macOS & Windows Development.

Cross-Platform Development with Flutter, Qt and Kotlin Multiplatform.

Software Consulting

I can also support with Architecture Design or porting that old piece of Legacy Software nobody understands anymore.

Extract of Works & Contributions

Android & iOS Development

Android & iOS Development

Architecture & Product Development

Architecture & macOS Development

Android Development

Unity & Android Development

Windows Port & Development Support

Windows Port & Unity Development

Windows Port & Android Support

Windows Port & Android Development

Asset Optimization & iOS Release

Asset Optimization & iOS Release

Skills & Tools

Kotlin / Java
Swift / Obj-C
C# / C++
Lua / Python
Android Studio
Visual Studio

Recent Work Experience

Software Developer


April 2018 - Current
Full-Time, Part-Time
Co-Founder - Technology


January 2021 - Current
Full-Time, Part-Time
Technical Lead, Senior Software Developer & Architect


April 2012 - March 2018

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